The Engage Edmonton program combines education and action enabling opportunities for students to learn about social issues locally through active service learning events in the greater Edmonton community, as well as social activism initiatives on campus. Engage Edmonton believes in the power of education and activism to foster positive change and to contribute to more sustainable qualities of life for everyone within our community while facilitating individual growth.

Service Learning

Service-Learning is an educational approach to learning from the community while positively contributing to that community. Engage Edmonton facilitates Service-Learning opportunities by volunteering with local non-profit campus and community organizations to learn about people, places, and issues that make up our community and by transforming the tools provided through education to better our community.

Social activism

Engage Edmonton’s social activism programming is for those passionate about creating social change on local and global issues through awareness, engagement, and education. Engage Edmonton supports social activism through speaker series, workshops and panels on various topics to address topics of inequality within our society and learn about the deeper implications of empowering those who experience it disproportionately. These issues exist in the intersecting spheres of race, sex, gender and sexual identity, ableism, and all forms of oppression within our everyday lives.

Events happen at least once a month, details will be posted to our Facebook group!

Alternative Reading Week

Alternative Reading Week consists of diverse service learning opportunities for students to develop an understanding of citizenship and social issues in Edmonton. Participation will involve active engagement with various social organizations who are dedicated towards creating positive change in our local community. November’s Alternative Reading Week theme will be Poverty in Edmonton. Students will participate in activities and service opportunities that explore the cycle of poverty and potential interventions.

By participating in the Fall Poverty in Edmonton Alternative Reading Week program, students will:

  • Evaluate their identity, values, and roles in relation to social issues and social justice in the Edmonton community
  • Analyze stereotypes and stigma individually, and societally, in relation to the cycle of poverty
  • Apply leadership skills such as teamwork and values-based action to connect with peers and others in the community
  • Develop a sense of citizenship and recognize the role that individuals have in creating positive change in the community

Additional information:

Participation is free. Students living in residence and who can attend the week in full will receive priority, however others are welcome to register.

Meals are provided daily, and students who complete the program will receive a certificate as well as a t-shirt.

Only ten spots are available!

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How to get involved:

  1. Learn about the Engage Edmonton Events by joining the open group on Facebook which has the most up to date information regarding the events.
  2. Show up for the event and be open to learning, challenging your assumptions, growing as a person, and working with local organizations!

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By participating in Engage Edmonton programs, students will:

  • Identify social issues in the Edmonton community and how various organizations are working to address these issues.
  • Reflect on and discuss their personal values in relation to social issues and identify actionable opportunities to make positive social change.
  • Develop a sense of social responsibility and become active citizens within their residences and the greater Edmonton community through the application of leadership skills such as values-based action, teamwork, and intercultural and generational communication.
  • Become better connected to peers and the greater Edmonton community.
  • Recognize how the values of service learning, such as reciprocity, differ from those of volunteering.

Interested in learning more?

The Engage Edmonton program is facilitated with the support of Residence Life’s Service Learning Intern. The Service Learning Intern coordinates and leads the Engage Edmonton events and also serves as a great resource for students looking to organize volunteer opportunities or educational social activism events for their communities.

If you have any questions about Engage Edmonton or regarding organizing a service learning opportunity, please contact the Service Learning Intern at servicelearning.intern@ualberta.ca.