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Lister Residence

Join our thriving community in Lister and benefit from support and opportunities geared toward your success. Connect with tutors, join a club or a team, watch a movie with your floormates, or grab a meal together in the dining hall—all in Lister.

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Get more out of your university experience

Benefit from unparalleled services and programs that support your success.

BaseCamp orientation program

Customized residence experience

Focus on your studies, not your stomach

Instead of grocery shopping, meal planning and washing dishes, you can concentrate on your studies and enjoy your university life.

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Let us show you around! Take a tour

Discover what life is like in residence. Check out the different room options and pick what works for you.

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UAlberta student interacting with chef in Lister Residence dining hall
UAlberta students preparing to play dodgeball with their Lister Residence dodgeball team
UAlberta student grabbing salad from the salad bar in Lister residence dining hall



Benefits of living in residence

Get the most out of your university experience. Residence is the foundation for you to do, and be, your best.

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Higher GPA

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Lifelong connections

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Peer tutor program

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Meal plan

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Leadership training

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Work where you live

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Steps from campus life

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Academics in residence


Additional first-year residence experiences

Outside view of the University of Alberta's Peter Lougheed Hall first-year residence building

Peter Lougheed Hall

Located on the edge of Edmonton's stunning river valley, this distinct first-year residence is supported through programs to foster social connections and academic achievements.

Learn more about Peter Lougheed Hall

Outside view of the University of Alberta's Résidence Saint-Jean first-year residence building

Résidence Saint-Jean

Une communauté tissée-serré située au coeur du quartier francophone d’Edmonton où on s’engage à vivre uniquement en français.

Pour en savoir plus Résidence Saint-Jean