Applicant must be a UAlberta student.


  • A student enrolled at UAlberta in an active degree program continuing in the 2019 Fall Term, OR;
  • A UAlberta student enrolled in Intersession courses

Eligible students MUST possess a valid UAlberta student ID number and a valid Campus Computing ID and password.


Spring Term: May 3 to June 16, 2019   •   Summer Term: July 5 to August 18, 2019   •  Full Intersession: May 3 to August 18, 2019

Aspen & Maple House is located at 110 Street and 88 Avenue
  • Furnished 2 or 4 bedroom units rented by the room.
  • Study space and TV lounge in East Campus Commons.
  • Outdoor gathering spaces and parks.
  • Wireless internet access is included.

HUB is located at 112 Street and 89 Avenue
  • Furnished 2 or 4 bedroom units rented by the room.
  • Unfurnished 2 or 4 bedroom units rented by the room.
  • Community Centre with study library, TV lounge and gym.
  • Located in a campus mall with shops, restaurants and other services.
  • Wireless internet access is included.

I-House is located at 8801-111 Street
  • Single rooms with private washrooms.
  • Provides Canadian and International students an opportunity to enhance their intercultural understanding and develop an awareness of themselves as global citizens.
  • Each room is furnished with a single bed, dresser, bookshelf, desk, chair, mini-refrigerator, and closet space.
  • Piano room, TV lounges, bike storage room
  • Wireless internet access is included.

Lister is located at 87 Avenue and 116 Street
  • Single rooms with private washrooms.
  • Each room is furnished with one twin beds, dresser, bookshelf, desk, chair and closet space.
  • Specific floors within one tower of Lister Residence will be designated as Student Housing floors over the summer as the majority of Lister Centre is designated as a Conference Facility from May to August.
  • Wireless internet access is included.
  • Meal plans are NOT offered for Spring/Summer contracts.

  • As there is no air conditioning, we recommend that you bring a fan.
  • Single occupancy (one student) per bedroom/dorm room only; no couples, families, children or roommates.
  • Most students in residence over the summer (Lister in particular) are undergraduate students in their first degree program. Please keep this in mind when deciding if this is the most suitable housing option for you. Lister Residence is NOT recommended for mature students.
  • Smoking of any substance is NOT permitted in any of our residences. Anyone caught smoking may be subject to immediate eviction.
  • Parking arrangements can be made through the Parking Services' website
  • Communal kitchens are located on each floor in International House and Lister Residence to allow students to prepare their own meals. HUB, Aspen House and Maple House units come equipped with a kitchen (fridge and stove with oven). Students are responsible for providing their own utensils (pots, cutlery, plates, etc.). A food service outlet is available for limited hours in Lister Centre for students to purchase some meals. Students may use their University of Alberta ONEcard (if funds are loaded on it) to purchase meals at a variety of food service outlets on campus. For further information about ONEcard, please visit their website.
  • You will need to bring your own blankets, pillows, sheets and towels, etc. as no linen or room service is provided. Laundry facilities are available in all residences.


Many of our other residences are available over the summer for the duration of their 2018-19 Term Lease ending July 31, with the possibility of extending for the 2019-20 Term.

Please refer to the Residences page for more information on Pinecrest House, Tamarack House, Nîpisîy House, Linden House, Graduate Residence and Newton Place.