There are many options available to customize your residence experience and live with like-minded peers in Lister Centre through themed, academic cohort, or lifestyle floors. Groups of students who share common academic programs, interests, or lifestyles live and learn together on each floor. These communities are a great opportunity for you to broaden your learning outside of the classroom, share experiences, and connect with your peers. We do our best to assign students who apply for specialty communities to these floors, however, space in Lister Hall is limited and may not be available. In contrast, should interest in the communities be low, applicants may be assigned to a cohort floor even if they do not initially apply to one.


We offer faculty-based cohorts in Lister Centre for residents who want share their experience with other students from their academic program. Each academic floor will offer unique activities related to your faculty, academic, and career goals. These floors are a great place to get to know your classmates outside the classroom and make like-minded friends.

Top 3 reasons to live on an academic cohort floor:

  1. Share goals, interests, and challenges with like-minded students
  2. Connect with professionals and faculty members outside of the classroom
  3. Get involved in career and degree planning

The Arts Leadership Cohort is for students who want to get involved in their university, develop their leadership skills, and have an impact on campus and in the greater community. You will be involved in the planning and organization of activities for the cohort. Cohort members will:

  • Work collaboratively on projects that enhance the student experience and give back to the community
  • Direct programming initiatives on your floor with help from your Resident Assistant and faculty member
  • Receive acknowledgement from the Dean of Arts with a certificate of participation
  • Be supported by the Faculty of Arts with resources and advice
  • Activities you might plan include volunteering at a local food bank, planning a speaker series on global issues, fundraising for the charity of your choice, or whatever the cohort decides!

Members of the Arts Leadership Cohort

Living in the Science cohort enables you to learn and study alongside peers who are also interested in the broad field of Science. By living on a Science floor, you will have unique opportunities to connect with Faculty, Staff, and get involved in Science-based programs and events on campus.

Potential floor activities include:

  • Dinner with a Science faculty member
  • Trip to the Telus World of Science
  • Science-specific time management, study, and lab skills sessions
  • Information sessions about professional programs or careers

As part of the Nursing cohort, you will be able to live with others who have similar interests and goals, easily set up study parties and specific residence programming tailored to your studies, and participate in activities related to your Nursing degree.

Potential floor activities include:

  • Floor study groups
  • Dinner with a Nursing faculty member
  • Nursing-specific academic skills sessions
  • Off campus trip to volunteer

In collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering, this community is tailored towards students currently enrolled in Engineering. As a cohort participant you will live on the same floor with other Engineering students and will learn and study alongside your peers.

Potential floor activities include:

  • Special presentations about opportunities within the Faculty of Engineering
  • Dinner with a Faculty member
  • Floor study groups
Engineering Cohort Faculty Dinner in Linden House


Along with all the staff support and programming of our communities, quiet floors offer extended quiet hours on both evenings and weekends. On quiet floors, residents work together to create and uphold their own expectations about noise levels. By living with other students who prefer a quiet environment, you'll still take advantage of staff support and residence programming, but in an environment that works for you.

Prefer an alcohol-free environment that has the same academic, social and personal support of our other floors? Residents and student staff on alcohol-free floors keep their common areas and own rooms as drink-free zones!

Wondering how you can apply to live on a cohort floor?
  1. Apply to the UAlberta Faculty Degree Program that matches the cohort you are choosing.
  2. Apply to live in Lister Centre, double or single room options.
  3. Check your UAlberta email for a Room Offer.
  4. Complete the cohort application section of your Confirmation Package.


At the University of Alberta, we offer a variety of on-campus housing experiences in our residences – whether you are new to university life or in your upper years of study, if you are a student couple or have a family, we have a community for you.


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