Students living in I-House love to celebrate community by sharing food, experiences, and stories about themselves and their culture. Residents contribute to the Global Education program by planning events for their community, learning from each other and participating on the I-House Council.

I-House is composed of residents from around the world and from right here in Canada who are excited to live in this purpose-built community. They are mature and like working together - whether just to make dinner or executing large-scale events for the entire international campus community. Learn more about the Global Education Program in I-House.

I-House is home to residents from Canada and around the world, who contribute to the Global Education program.

WHO LIVES HERE: Upper year undergraduate and graduate students from Canada and around the world. I-House is 1/3 Canadian students and 2/3 international students from 40+ different countries (maximum 12 students per country).

UNIT TYPES: Furnished, single dormitory style rooms with private washrooms.
Floor Plan | 360° Panorama

LEASE TYPE: 8-month contract; Spring/Summer housing also available.

APPLYING: Residents must demonstrate their commitment to global learning and building a welcoming community at I-House. New residents are selected competitively based on their responses to two application questions as well as their places of origin. Returning residents submit a poster demonstrating their contributions and commitment to I-House vision and values.

2020-2021 RATES:

Room type Contract length Total rent*
Single 8 months $7,308

Each room is furnished with a twin (XL) bed, desk, chair, a small fridge, storage and closet space, a recycling bin and garbage can
*Includes wireless internet, heat, water, and power, as well as Residence Life and Global Education programming
Residents pay an additional Residence Association fee to the I-House Community Council for on-going student-run programming

Please note, all rates are subject to change, including meal plan values. All published rates reflect current values, and any approved changes are posted immediately. In the event of a discrepancy between the official rates and the rates published, the official rates shall prevail.

  • Resident Assistant (RA) staff trained for after-hours on-call duties and individual resident support
  • Global Education Program staff who work with residents to build community at I-House
  • Communal kitchens
  • Meeting Room
  • Global Culture Studio (student organizing room)
  • Music Room (with piano)
  • TV Lounges
  • Laundry facilities
  • Bike Storage room
  • Parking available through Parking Services
  • Voluntary Meal Plan outside of I-House

International House is located at 8801-111 Street in the Northeast section of North Campus. It is also the location of the East Campus Residence Services Office and right across the street from the International Services Centre in the Telus building.

The UAlberta Campus Map has detailed information for International House.

Newcomers are greeted by warm, smiling friends who are ready to help everyone move in and feel at home. In Aug/Sept, events are designed to build friendships in the community: a welcome picnic, tea night, campfire, sunset walk, orientation, and more, all wrapped up with an annual fancy gala, the Soirée of Welcome, with presentations, dinner, and live music to welcome new students to the I-House family! During the winter, residents hold a potluck dinner and other fun activities to involve everyone in I-House life.  

Eastern Ascent

This student orientation program is specifically designed for residents living in East Campus, providing opportunities to make friends and get to know the UAlberta campus and Edmonton community before classes start. Eastern Ascent features events to help provide an academic advantage through workshops on time management, applying for research funding, and using campus libraries, and programs to encourage students to connect with their residence community, like puppy playtime, bonfires in the park, and a Day of Service.


Winter Ascent

This orientation program is specifically designed for students living in a UAlberta residence and moving in January. Transitioning to university and residence can be tough. Making this transition in January can be tougher.

Winter Ascent provides an opportunity for residents to become comfortable in their new living environment, make friends, and become better oriented to the Edmonton community and UAlberta campus. The program focuses on providing residents with the chance to explore Edmonton and establish a strong support system before the first day of classes. It features community building programs, recreational activities, a Day of Service in which students engage and volunteer with the Edmonton community, and educational workshops, all to help students have a strong start to the semester.

Explore the I-House Community!

Roots of the I-House Community


  • Share our time, heart, and energy to nurture our global community.
  • Respect our own stories and value diverse perspectives and worldviews.
  • Recognize the interconnectedness of our lives and actions in the past, present, and future.
  • Explore our potential in mind, body, spirit and emotion, and support growth in those around us.
  • Make choices with the awareness that each of our actions has global repercussions.
  • Honor the interdependence of all living beings.
  • Develop the skills we need to create the future that we want to see.
  • Trust the strength of our community to support collective success, peace building, and enduring friendships.
  • Commit ourselves to life-long learning and personal development.
  • Embrace the world as global citizens.