The University of Alberta guarantees housing to the following students. Some conditions may apply.

Upper-year students who apply to live in Nîpisîy, Pinecrest, or Tamarack by January 31 are guaranteed their requested roommate(s).

Qualifying Group

Application Deadline

First-Year Undergraduates* applying to Edmonton Campuses April 30
New International Undergraduates** entering their first year at the University of Alberta April 30
Exchange Students/Visiting Students April 30
New Transfer Students - new UAlberta students who are transferring from another post-secondary institution. April 30
Student Athletes entering their first year of study at the University of Alberta (a maximum of 15 are chosen by the Faculty of Physical Education)  May 15

NOTE: A guaranteed spot in residence does not guarantee choice of residence or room type. Guaranteed housing for scholarship recipients is only applicable to students who have been awarded one of the awards listed above. Students that fall into one of the guarantee categories must apply for residence by the deadline stated above to be eligible for the guarantee.

* NOTE: first-year applicants who have achieved at least a 90% average in their high school studies are recognized by the Office of the Registrar and, when applying before April 30, are offered priority residence placement (superseding order of application date) for their preferred unit type.

** Residence Services defines an International student as any student attending the University of Alberta who is not a permanent resident and/or who is not a Canadian citizen.