Lister Residence offers residents a meal plan similar to programs offered at many other universities across North America. Like most of these plans, the meal plan is mandatory for all students living in Lister Residence and is not intended to be “all-you-can-eat” or cover all of your food and eating costs in an academic year. Unlike most other universities, the University of Alberta has kept its meal plan commitment levels low in order to offer our students greater choice and flexibility.

Benefits of the Meal Plan:

  • Frees up the time and effort you would spend grocery shopping and meal planning.
  • Provides variety and ensures your nutritional needs are met.
  • We do the dishes!

Please note that the residence facility was not designed to provide for full cooking and eating on the floors. Limited microwaves, refrigerators and stoves are provided on each floor in Lister Residence for preparing the odd meal or snack.


The Lister Meal Plan is a "Declining Balance" Meal Plan. Your ONEcard operates like a debit card in that your purchases are deducted from the funds in your account every time your card is swiped at a cash register. Half of your meal plan funds are placed on your card in August and the second half in December. Any unused funds from the first term are automatically transferred to the second term. If you have funds remaining at the end of the school year (April), they will be transferred to your MealPlanFlex account.

Every student's eating and nutritional requirements are unique and therefore we offer two meal plan levels to Lister Residents. When selecting your meal plan level, take into consideration what type of appetite you have, how often you will be eating in residence and on campus, and how much you snack between meals. Do you go home on weekends or will you be spending most weekends in residence? What are your plans for the holiday season in December? What are your plans for Reading Week in February?

Once your meal plan level has been selected you cannot change it to another option, but you can always add funds to your Meal Plan, MealPlanFlex or ONEcard Cash account at any time at the Student & Guest Services Desk in Lister Centre or online through your ONEcard account.



Best suited for students with a good appetite spending most weekends on campus.

8-month contract: $4782.00*
*includes $900 taxable meal plan balance ("MealPlanFlex") that can be spent on food at select dining locations outside of Lister Centre.



Best suited for students with a lesser appetite spending many weekends on campus.

8-month contract: $4317.00*
*includes $900 taxable meal plan balance ("MealPlanFlex") that can be spent on food at select dining locations outside of Lister Centre.

Please note, all rates are subject to change, including meal plan values. All published rates reflect current values, and any approved changes are posted immediately. In the event of a discrepancy between the official rates and the rates published, the official rates shall prevail.

NEW: Hangry is a mobile ordering app that connects to your ONEcard Account, allowing you to pre-order and pre-pay for your food at select locations. Set up your ONEcard account and use your Meal Plan funds to pay. Find out more here.


The majority of your Meal Plan funds are designated for use at the Lister Market dining hall ("The Caf") and The Marina, however your Meal Plan package also includes $900 (MealPlanFlex) that can be spent at select dining locations on campus (see map, below). Please note that MealPlanFlex purchases are not GST exempt.

Clicking on the location icons below will provide more information. Click the [ ] icon in the top right corner of the map title for full view, zoom and print options.


Your Meal Plan funds, managed by Residences Services, are loaded onto your ONEcard where they work on a declining balance, just like a debit card. Half of your funds are put on your card before the first semester in August and the remainder is added in December for the second semester. Splitting the selected meal plan amount into two parts helps students to budget their funds for the entire academic year. When you make a purchase, the cashier swipes your card and the value of your food items is automatically deducted from your meal plan account. You can ask the cashier for a receipt which will show you your current balance, or check your balance and transactions anytime at

If you run out of funds in the first semester, you will need to add money to your plan until the funds from the second half of your plan are added. Any unused funds from the first semester are automatically transferred and added to your second semester Meal Plan funds.


As a residence student, you do not pay GST on what Revenue Canada defines as an "on-campus meal plan." The cash registers automatically exempt or deduct GST when you make your purchases with your meal plan. You do pay GST on non-food items, purchases in the Students' Union Building, or anything that Revenue Canada does not consider to be part of a campus meal plan. Please note that you cannot use your meal plan to make non-food purchases (at the bookstore for example).

In the event that a student leaves residence before their contract end date, the meal plan funds remain in place and are available for use until the original contract end date. After the contract end date, any unspent balance is transferred to the taxable meal plan. The rules for this balance will fall under the ONEcard Cardholder Agreement. Unspent balances are taxable and can only be spent in the same locations that the original Meal Plan is accepted.

Lister Residence has always included a mandatory meal plan because it is a crucial part of ensuring that students (primarily first-years) receive well-rounded nutritious meals. The program facilitates community building and engagement opportunities and allows students to take a break from their studies and connect with their peers. The mandatory meal plan supports the first year experience in Lister Residence.

Lister Centre features the Lister Market (the Dining Hall) and the Marina. Weekly menus are posted online or on the Market monitors.

Open seven days a week during the Fall and Winter semesters*, the Lister Market and the Marina offer a wide variety of snacks, full meals, food items for preparation on your floor and personal care items such as toothpaste and shampoo. Meal plans funds are available for all food purchases but other non-food items must be purchased using ONEcard Cash, debit or cash.

Your food choices are almost limitless: snacks of all kinds, pizza, hamburgers, soups, pastries, salads, fruit, full entrees that change daily, daily vegetarian choices, desserts, and more.

*Service is only available on specific days during the Winter Break. Available hours and service vary during Reading Week and other holiday weekends.

Although limited because of the large number of students living in Lister, we do try to meet your dietary needs, particularly by offering a regular variety of healthy choices. Gluten-free, vegetarian, halal and vegan options are offered in Lister Centre.

Students with allergies and other special dietary requirements should contact us for information about whether we will be able to accommodate their specific requirements.

The Lister Market closes in the evenings at 8:00 p.m., but don't worry if you can't make it back to Lister by then. The Marina is open until midnight every night and has many late night dining options.

The meal plan is not intended to be all-you-can eat and we encourage you to occasionally get together with friends and enjoy a meal off-campus. As well, Lister students have $900 included that can be used at a variety of locations on campus.

The Lister Market offers special buffet dinners about once a month. The buffets are themed, and, yes, that includes entertainment! Special dinners include Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. Students are also treated to Mongolian nights, pasta banquets, etc. all for one special price.

Marketing promotions are regularly offered and you could win anything from a free beverage, to a snow board, or a trip for you and a friend to Disneyland!

The full amount of your declining balance Meal Plan will remain on your ONEcard until used. At the end of your residence contract, any remaining funds will be transferred from your meal plan account to a "taxable meal plan" balance (MealPlanFlex) on your ONEcard. These funds may then be spent wherever MealPlanFlex is accepted. Please note that GST will be applied to purchases from this account balance as those funds will no longer be exempt, and that unspent balances cannot be transferred to ONEcard Cash.

If you want to add money to your Meal Plan (non-taxable, usable only in Lister Centre) or your MealPlanFlex account you can do so by visiting or contacting the Student and Guest Services Desk in Lister Centre (across from the Marina).

If you are off-campus on an official University of Alberta practicum you can obtain a per diem refund. To obtain your refund, please have your Faculty provide written confirmation of the dates and location of your practicum and provide it to the Lister Residence Services Office located in 1-044 Lister Centre.

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