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How are units/rooms assigned?

Applications are considered based on the date of application, so we recommend that you apply early to increase your chances of being accepted into your preferred residence or room type. First-year students are guaranteed a space in residence if applying before April 30.

NOTE: first-year applicants who have achieved at least a 90% average in their high school studies are recognized by the Office of the Registrar and, when applying before April 30, are offered priority residence placement (superseding order of application date) for their preferred unit type.

International House also considers the applicant’s interest in contributing to the global experience. Questionnaire responses will be evaluated as part of the room offer process.

How are roommates assigned? Can I choose my roommate?

We do our best to match students with others who are of a similar age and who share similar preferences, based on your responses to the roommate questionnaire in your Confirmation Contract.

If you know another student you would like to live with, you can request them as your roommate when you complete your Confirmation Contract. Your requested roommate must also request you in their Confirmation Contract. Roommate requests are fulfilled to the best of our abilities, and are usually our first priority when assigning shared units, but are dependent upon vacancies and waiting lists.

In Newton Place, units are rented as a whole. This means that the primary leaseholder (a full-time University of Alberta student) can live with their family or partner.

When will I find out my room assignment and roommate?

On move-in day! We are often completing assignments right up until move-in day, so we aren't able to provide roommate details or room assignments beforehand.

Why was I offered a shared room when I requested a single?

We don't always have enough single rooms to meet the demand. Once all the single rooms have been offered, we will begin offering double rooms. You can request to transfer to a single room after you move in but you must accept the double room offer before your deadline. If you decline the double room offer, your residence application will be cancelled.