Your virtual residence experience connecting you to your community

Get to know your residence community through Expedition: Connect, our new online cohort experience. This new program was created to connect residents on campus virtually with those who have had to delay their arrival due to the CV19 pandemic.

Expedition: Connect supports your academic success while connecting you to all the resources, friends and leadership opportunities that make life in residence great. The program brings together small groups of students with student leaders, faculty and staff.

The Expedition: Connect program is currently in development. Continue to check back often or email with any questions.

How does Expedition: Connect work?

Expedition: Connect is your central hub for residence programming in the 2020-2021 academic year. Students who participate in Expedition: Connect will gain access to programming targeted to support your life on campus.

The Expedition: Connect program will integrate our highly successful BaseCamp and Eastern Ascent residence orientations

It will also be part of our Peer Tutor Program and Engage Edmonton service learning opportunities.

Take part in Expedition: Connect even before you arrive

If you need to delay your arrival to campus, you’ll still be able to meet your new neighbours even before you get here. You’ll join a student group of new residents and a student leader, your virtual Resident Assistant (RA)—and you’ll meet regularly on a virtual platform to learn and grow together. Your virtual Resident Assistant will give you all the support and resources you need throughout the year, just like a traditional RA.

Whether you’ll be here in Fall 2020 or you’re making your way here later, you’ll have access to the fabulous programming and community experience that the University of Alberta residences are known for.

Cohort Communities

Students both on campus and yet to arrive will be able to apply to other cohort communities based on their academics and interests—so embrace the diverse sense of community that makes residence great!

Academic cohort communities

Join an academic cohort community based on your program of study and facilitated by upper-year student staff. Academic cohort leaders will plan monthly academic programs, host virtual study sessions and provide faculty-based support and advice for students.

We are currently working with faculty partners on reimagining the Living Learning Community program and are committed to providing you the chance to connect with peers, professional staff and faculty in your academic discipline.

Interest-based communities

Expedition: Connect will also feature a variety of other cluster communities which students can apply to join, further connecting you to the peers, supports, resources and programming matter to you.

We are currently finalizing our list of virtual academic and interest-based communities and will continue to update this webpage throughout the summer.

All students who move into residence this Fall 2020 or delay their arrival into residence are automatically enrolled in Expedition: Connect.

Students who need to delay their arrival to residence will be assigned a virtual RA and residence community. Virtual RAs will host online community meetups, check in on residents, plan programming for students and be available for your personal and academic support.

You can choose the communities that are the best fit for you. In addition to the opportunities and programs that are available to everyone, Expedition: Connect also offers you the chance to connect with peers based on your faculty, year of study, interests and more.

The diverse group of people you meet in residence is a key part of the experience, and we are committed to helping engage all students. We also know that getting to know your neighbours helps you feel at home—that’s why students who move into residence this fall will be connected both online and in-person with their community and their RA.

Students delaying their arrival to residence will be invited to participate in all of the digital programming available above but will also be connected to peers who share their area of study. You’ll get to know your peers and have one-on-one interactions with student staff dedicated to supporting your academic and personal success.

Students both on campus and yet to arrive will be able to apply to other cohort communities based on their academics and interests—so embrace the diverse sense of community that makes residence great!