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NOTE: This position does not require that the staff member live in residence.

The Graphic Design, Video and Technology Intern, reporting to the Coordinator, Residence Education and Transition,, is a member of the Residence Education and Leadership Portfolio. The Graphic Design, Video and Technology Intern primarily coordinates all the Residence Services blended learning programming, including the online student staff training EClass course, and First Year Orientation EClass Course, BaseCamp Online.

During the summer, the position will focus on creating video footage and online lessons as part of the Residence Services student staff training EClass course. In addition, they will develop key online content through infographics, videos, and interactive modules as part of the EClass course, BaseCamp Online.

The position will train and develop online training resources and tools for the Residence Life staff team, that foster an environment of blended learning to enhance development.

During the academic year, the position focuses on the maintenance, engagement and continued improvement of current online courses. The position will also assist with the coordination and maintenance of online platforms used during Training, Orientation and ongoing leadership initiatives, such as BaseLine Campus Labs, Facebook Groups, Guidebook, and other systems.

This position is designed as an advanced student work opportunity for those interested in gaining experiences in graphic design and technological sciences in the context of student affairs. The position will also work as part of the Residence Life Team in providing direction to the Residence Life program at the University of Alberta.


  • Coordinate all aspects of the online Residence Orientation Eclass course, BaseCamp Online, which will include:
    • Updating and editing existing content based on research, staff feedback and current trends
    • Creating and editing video content for the BaseCamp Online course
    • Maintaining the current course through discussion board moderation, contest supervision and ongoing course engagement (weekly posts, new modules)
    • Develop and implement an assessment plan for BaseCamp Online Usage
    • Explore possible additional online Orientation programming such as an upper year online resource, or tools that are Smart phone capable
  • Assist with coordinating all online tools and resources utilized in current Residence Education and Leadership Programming, such as:
    • Maintaining Residence Education and Leadership Facebook groups, such as Engage Edmonton
    • Designing and Distributing student staff and professional staff newsletters
    • Coordinating the components of online scheduling platforms for Fall Training and other large-scale events
  • Coordinate all aspects of the online Student Staff Residence Services Fall Training course, which will include:
    • Develop new videos and interactive materials for existing and new modules
    • Editing and updating existing content
    • Provide proficiency training for staff on EClass
    • Update all graphics and introduce a new design to the course which is consistent with current platform restrictions
    • Provide ongoing maintenance of the course including: introducing new models, moderating discussion boards, checking student staff completion, and incorporating professional staff feedback to continue to develop the course
  • Research
    • Conduct various research projects as directed. Often focussing on potential online platforms and initiatives which may be running at other schools, and which might be beneficial to introduce here
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Must be enrolled as a student at the University of Alberta with a minimum of a 2.3 GPA
  • Must have exceptional organizational, listening, facilitation, presentation, and interpersonal skills
  • Must be responsible, resourceful, and willing to work variable hours and as part of a team
  • Must be available for dates of employment and attend training sessions
  • Must have excellent communication and customer service skills
  • Previous Residence Life experiences is an asset but not necessary
  • Previous experience working with online systems such as Adobe Photoshop, Google Apps, EClass, and web design are an asset
  • Must abstain from student teaching or participating in co-op work terms that take place outside of Edmonton city limits and/or that reduce availability for responsibilities during May to August, 2018


  • Maintain full-time student status at the University of Alberta.
  • Not engage in any behaviour or activity that damages the reputation of the residence community, Residence Services or the University of Alberta.
  • Agree to behave according to the Intern Expectations listed above, and the Code of Student Behaviour. Failure to do so will result in the possible termination of the role.


May 1, 2019–April 30, 2020


$19.01 per hour, plus 1.5% Vacation Pay: 4% of base pay (in lieu of vacation).
Statutory Holiday Pay: 3.46% (in lieu of statutory holiday.


May 1–August 31: 35 hours per week
September 1–April 30: 15 hours per week
Will include some evening and weekend work


Casual Level 1 Student Staff


Ancillary Services
Residence Services - Residence Life