Up your game at Success Week

Join us January 20 to 24 for Success Week and participate in a variety of programs that will help you succeed this winter term.

What can you expect?

  • Study tips? Check!
  • Resume boosters to score that stellar summer job? Check!
  • Need help sticking with those New Year’s resolutions too? Don't worry, we got you covered!

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Make the most of winter

Struggling to keep your spirits high when the temperature outside is so low? Bundle up and have fun at one of the many events happening this winter!

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Getting to know... Grant

Residence would not function without the work of our amazing people. In this post, meet Grant Culham and find out why he loves working on campus.

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Do you believe in garbage fairies?

Whelp! Looks like GUBA is at it again—this time forgetting to clean up after himself! Will the Garbage Fairy help him? Watch our latest video to find out.

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Life in upper-year residence at UAlberta

From 8 month contracts aligned to your academic year to student community events throughout the year, there is lots to love about living in upper-year residence.

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7 questions to ask before applying to be an RA

Want to be an RA? Here's some questions you should ask yourself before sending in your application.

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Did GUBA forget something?

It can get hot in your room, but what happens when GUBA forgets to close his window?! See how the whole thing turns out in our new video!

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New to residence? Join us at Winter Ascent!

Events include puppies, Day of Service, puppies, tours, puppies, crafts, puppies, networking events, and did we mention PUPPIES?!

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