Image of roommates hanging out together

Creating good vibes with your new roommate

If your roommate situation is just short-term or for the long haul, you’ll find yourself happier and healthier if your roommates are happy and healthy, too.

Check out our 5 favourite tips and tricks for getting off on the right foot!

Be a better roommate

Image of HUB mall

What's it like to live in HUB Mall?

What a year it’s been for our HUB residence community. Let’s keep reminding ourselves what we can accomplish! This post is for you (and don't forget to check out the video, too).

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Icon about social distancing

Fact vs. fiction

Below are some tips for helping you navigate finding the truth in a world where fake news, Facebook articles, and word of mouth travel fast.

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Icon about social distancing

Sending virtual hug: 5 ways to say goodbye online

Saying goodbye to your friends and community is always hard to do, but it can feel even harder given the current circumstances. Read some ways you can say goodbye.

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Cover for survey at UAlberta

Keeping calm in chaos

Finding small moments of calm in the world of chaos isn’t easy. Check out our latest blog on how you can keep calm during all this craziness.

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2019/20 Residence Community Awards winners!

The annual Residence Community Award ceremony was shared on March 31, and it did not disappoint!

See who won!

Image of a dog

Wholesome accounts you should be following right now

Here are some wholesome Instagram accounts you can follow when you need to take a break from it all and enjoy something heartwarming and light.

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Five’s a crowd!

Find out a bit more about what's happening in residence and why in this recent post.

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City with buildings and messanger icons above them

15 things to do in residence while social distancing

In this post, check out some programs and activities to keep you and your community happy and healthy over the next few weeks

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Icon about social distancing

What does social distancing look like in my community?

You may have heard the term “social distancing” recently but what does it look like in residence?

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Cover for survey at UAlberta

Tell it like it is and WIN!

Not only can you win free stuff, but your input is used to better your experience in residence! What could be better than that!

I want to win free stuff

Patches is unhappy

Lock your doors! It only takes a second [video]

Even Patches should have known better than to leave the doors unlocked...

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UAlberta residence staff, Magda

Getting to know... Magda

You've probably seen her at the front desk at International House, but do you know what she's watching on Netflix?

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Getting to know... Jenna

You've probably seen her around Student & Guest Services, but do you know what she'd bring to a desert island?

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Residence community awards cover photo

Nominate a leader or mentor for an RCA award!

Show someone you're impressed with their leadership or mentorship with an award! Nominate them before March 4, 2020!

See RCA awards

Focus group cover photo

Spill the tea: Understanding and joining a focus group

Learn how you can share your thoughts at one of our upcoming focus groups as well as what focus groups are and why they matter.

What is a focus group?

GUBA holds door open for someone

Stranger danger! Don't let someone follow you in [video]

If there was an award for holding doors open, GUBA would win. But even he knows that sometimes you must to close the door behind you.

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Getting to know... Mae-Anne

Mae-Anne is a fundemental part of residence operations. Find out more about Mae-Anne and why she loves working here.

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Picture of UAlberta residence staff, Penny

Getting to know... Penny

Get to know Penny, one of the people who keeps residence operating properly behind the scenes.

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UAlberta students standing in a group

10 helpful interview tips from a former RA

Nervous about an upcoming interview? Residence Coordinator Emilie has made it through multiple rounds of interviewing and she shares her tips to help you put your best foot forward.

Teach me how to survive an interview

Cover for alternative reading week

Make a difference during your Reading Week

What's better than binging Netflix? Helping others! Spend the week making a difference in your community.

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Picture of UAlberta residence staff, Alison and Trent

Getting to know... Alison and Trent

You may recognize their faces but not know who they are! Get to know two key memebers of residence life and find out what they do.

Meet Alison and Trent

Patches sees a mouse

Pests aren’t guests [video]

Patches has an uninvited guest visit her in residence. Find out how she deals with them in our latest video.

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Picture of UAlberta Student, Paul

Nervous to knowledgable: My journey to becoming an RA

I had no idea what I was getting myself into starting university and moving into residence. In fact, I was so nervous, I even threw up on my first night!

Read Paul's story

Success week banner

Up your game at Success Week

Join us January 20 to 24 for Success Week and participate in a variety of programs that will help you succeed this winter term. From study tips to resume help, up your game with success week. 

Check out what is in store for Success Week

People walking through UAlberta campus in the winter

Make the most of winter

Struggling to keep your spirits high when the temperature outside is so low? Bundle up and have fun at one of the many events happening this winter!

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Image of a UAlberta staff member, Grant

Getting to know... Grant

Residence would not function without the work of our amazing people. In this post, meet Grant Culham and find out why he loves working on campus.

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GUBA makes a mess

Do you believe in garbage fairies? [video]

Whelp! Looks like GUBA is at it again—this time forgetting to clean up after himself! Will the Garbage Fairy help him? Watch our latest video to find out.

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Life in upper-year residence at UAlberta

From 8 month contracts aligned to your academic year to student community events throughout the year, there is lots to love about living in upper-year residence.

Learn more about upper-year residence

GUBA giving the thumbs up

7 questions to ask before applying to be an RA

Want to be an RA? Here's some questions you should ask yourself before sending in your application.

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Guba staring at window

Did GUBA forget something?

It can get hot in your room, but what happens when GUBA forgets to close his window?! See how the whole thing turns out in our new video!

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Winter Ascent logo

New to residence? Join us at Winter Ascent!

Events include puppies, Day of Service, puppies, tours, puppies, crafts, puppies, networking events, and did we mention PUPPIES?!

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