There are a few housing options specifically for Aboriginal students.

Single Students:

  • Belcourt Brosseau House: six bedroom co-ed home that is located within a short walk from the UAlberta campus with preference given to mature single Aboriginal students.
  • East Campus Village:
    Aboriginal House - a four bedroom home reserved for single Aboriginal students. The gender designation of the house is determined by the current occupants.
    Marge's House - a 6 bedroom house located in East Campus.

Family Housing:

  • Michener Park: Residence Services has increased the amount of dedicated housing at Michener Park for Aboriginal Students and their families from the current two units to four units. As units become available over the next year, students that qualify for these units will have access to two 2 bedroom row house units, one 2 bedroom walk-up, and one 3 bedroom row house unit.

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Applying for Residence: