International House

Welcome to International House!

We're happy that you have made the decision to live with us.
If you need help with your residence housing during your stay with us, please visit the East Campus Residence Services Office for assistance during office hours. If you need assistance after office hours, contact your Resident Assistant on-call number at 780.619.5944.

Meet Your Community

International House is “an intentional community built upon respect and openness that fosters global citizenship, socially responsible leadership, and enduring friendships.” 

Our expectations when you move into or return to I-House are that you will become an active member of the community: a citizen who contributes to making I-House a true home by helping others; joining community events, gatherings and meetings; leading projects; and considering how your actions can positively impact everyone in I-House. Residents of I-House bring this global community to life. With students from over 40 countries, we have more than 100 events every year and every member of I-House takes part in making this a reality. 

When you move in, you are automatically a member of the International House Community Council, the decision-making body of I-House, and you have a say in how your I-House experience will unfold. A dedicated team of student leaders and staff will support you in getting involved and learning as much as possible while you are here. Remember, helping out is the best way to make friends, too. Returners and alumni are around to help you adjust and grow into a leader in the community. 

I-House is more than just a place to stay, it is a place to build global connections and ultimately a more peaceful and sustainable world. The “Roots of the I-House Community” express these intentions and the vision of what we aim to create at I-House so that we can grow together and make a positive difference.



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